Home Page Rotator

Description: This section describes the rotator component found on the homepage.

Objective: With this documentation, you should be able to:

  • Identify the content type(s) used to create the component
  • Identify the method (modules or techniques) used to create the component

The content displayed on the homepage is dynamically generated from content that you created for the homepage and/or content you are displaying someplace else on the site. The displays are generated using different tools and techniques.

The rotator highlighted here is created with the following:

  • Content: The title, teaser, and image are "home page feature" box.This items can be edit from the homepage by selecting the gear, and going to edit box The Read More button uses that link to send visitors to the node with the content.
  • Method: This is provide by a Entity Box type.
  • Display: The layout and rotation is provided by OpenPublic's default themes


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