Installation Profile

Installing OpenPublic is very similar to installing Drupal.

If this is the first time installing Drupal, first review the instructions on installing Drupal 7 here.

There is currently no bundle setup for those that already have a Drupal site and want OpenPublic. It is possible, however, to download the package and use the modules & theme baseline that are included. Manual set up of content types and module configuration will be necessary. The most productive use of OpenPublic is to install it new.

The OpenPublic setup walks the administrator through with a wizard-style process. Once the installation is launched from a web-browser, a typical Drupal setup screen should be visible.

Begin the setup by entering the database information. If familiar with installing Drupal, notice that the OpenPublic installation takes longer than the standard Drupal install. This is to be expected. OpenPublic contains many additional modules with the core Drupal bundle.

installing modules

One will then have to fill out basic site information

Install configuration screen

Next OpenPublic checks in see if the server config allows for remote apps to be install.  There are 3 methods, ftp, ssh and direct download.  If non of this are avaiable then apps that need to be download will not be installable.

Verify Apps support screen

Then one will have the option to select which app to have installed.  There will be a default selection but any changes can be made.

There is also an option to install demo content.  If this is check then any app with demo content will install.

One can then install apps or skip this step.

App Selection

Once database setup is complete, enter basic site information and complete the installation. If OpenPublic has been successfully installed, the installation complete screen will appear and the site can be launched.


Additional community assistance can be requested by submitting a post with the collaboration group. Submit issues or enhancement requests to the project issue queue on

If professional services are required contact Phase2 Technology via


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